So, now, back at home and trying to calm down, mostly. Still need to use this resource. I sent the morning in therapy but thought I would work this afternoon. All I could do though was relax. Eat. Watch tv. Pet the cat. I still feel so worn through. I see I was feeling a little euphoric the last time I posted. That didn’t last. I feel do deeply exhausted. I wrote on here recently that I can’t think my way out but that I can relax my way out. I know how true that is. I could use a week off from work about now but I need to get with it tomorrow and the very idea of that is stressful. It just seems like my mind isn’t quite right. I’m up and down and quick to drift into space. One tool that is good for coping with that is to make lists–I’m not any good at remembering what task I’m in the middle of right now, but I can keep myself sort of on track that way. And, actually, once I get started I think I could surprise myself with more ability to focus that I know I have at hand. I’m going t come out of this and get normal again.