It feels a little strange writing this post, but I am glad that there are people out there who understand. I’ve been trying to quit self-injury for quite some time and have been unable. It has it’s ups and downs in how often I do it. But, lately life is very difficult and there is so much anxiety. Things quickly get to seeming unbearable. The places on my body that I typically self-injure can no longer take it. I’ve had to have one surgery to repair the one of the areas and it’s not getting better. But, the urge is so strong. I don’t know how else to find quick release in those moments of horror. I know I need to give it up…I don’t know how. Part of me wants to stop and part of me doesn’t. I feel a lot of despair about this issue and others in my life. Will things ever get better? Will I ever be the person I used to be?