Okay, so this is my very first post. I, don’t SI, but I know some people I’m really close to that do or did.

The first one, was my second oldest cousin, he was depressed (depression runs it he family) and he’d sit in his room and injure. I think once he actually injured enough his mom called  911. I started crying when I heard about that.

Last weekend my youngest cousin ended up in Mayo, she said she wanted to go to the hospital, and she refused to see her psychiatrist. She spent two days in Mayo. On the second day she was driven in an ambulance to A Mental Health Ward, two hours away. She stayed at the MHW for five days. A week. She’s been home since Thursday. The first night she was home, I visited. We were up in her room with her friend Riley. BShe showed us a tool, she had hidden.  And a tool she hid in her desk drawer.

On our way home, I told Mom everything I had learned. She immediately called her mom, to get things taken care of.  She told my aunt about highest point, who I assumed, talked to her daughter.

Because before I went to bed my cousin texted me and told me, “im so sorry): i promise to never do it again. im sorry I did that in front of you”

And that was it.  I just need to get this all off my chest. Lately, with my best friend, and my cousin injuring, I’ve felt really upset, and unsure of myself. Like I think about it, but I don’t think I’m worth the effort it takes to SI.