I feel so crushed right now. I’ve struggled with body image issues for several years and lately it’s got a lot worse. I’m super self-conscious about my weight and it’s been pushing me to SI and develop unhealthy eating practices. Basically it’s a really big deal for me. While at the doctor today, my mom and I studied one of those BMI charts and I’m in the upper end of a healthy weight for my height. To me I feel like I’m huge though. My mom is about the same height as me and examined the chart as well. She pointed to the range that I’m in and said, “I’d be huge if I weighed that.” I felt so crushed … it’s one thing for me to think that I’m too heavy, but for my mom to say it? It’s like somewhere, somehow I’d been holding on to my parents accepting me no matter what and then my mom’s statement shattered it like glass. I know it sounds silly, but this is all such a big deal to me. Poor body image and low self-esteem are major factors and triggers for my SI. I just feel so awful, I’m probably blowing this out of proportion but I can’t help it