This is my first post on this site. As I am typing this, I’m hyper aware of how many people will see this. I’ve only ever written down my feelings in my diary. I’ve only ever told one person about my feelings, and she is now my ex girlfriend. I’m not the best with words so I always find myself in a tizz when I write. I guess this is why I’m here. I was recommended by a friend to sign up. She said that, although she doesn’t use this, she knew that it would help me. I think she’s right. There are people on here who know how I feel, and they can understand it. There are people on this that aren’t just listening to me to spread it around school. It’s a nice feeling. I do think though, that it’ll be weird for a bit. It always is when you talk about your S.I and your other problems. I’m just thankful I found this site.