I am so terrified now. I have shared my stories with you, glorified them even, all so that I could feel closer to you.  Was this a mistake?  I feel like it is.  Your silence is haunting. You listen, and there is no reaction.  Sometimes you are so stoic, I try and try to get a response from you, and then after a few brief moments, you shut me out.  You have completely disrupted my world, invaded it with your presence, and I think of you at all times.  I am ever consumed by your being.  This has been years coming.  Have you planned this? Have you gained my trust, and exposed me for what I am?  Why? to prove something to yourself, to others, to  the world? Opening myself to you was the very worst thing i could do, and now, I can never go back. You know me, I know nothing of you.