I think I learned somewhere that anger is a secondary emotion. I have been with my job for six and a half years, I’ve been at this location for close to five of those years. My boss and I have a very intense relationship. Intensely good and intensely bad. She’s a very motherly figure for me, she’s been there for me through everything thats happened the last few years. She’s at times been very mean to me also, verbally. In a joking way usually but there is always some truth in jokes. We fight like sisters. As a manager though she’s lazy and unfair. Other managers in the building noticed this and called her on it. Last weekend my co worker and ingot called into the big bosses office so he could get an honest “anonymous” account of what was going on. Basically about how we do all her work and she is never around. I brought this up to her personally  and professionally a few months ago and all was resolved for awhile. Last Friday she sat us down individually and made all these new rules to spread out the responsibilities so it’s not on two of us. And the big change is that we are not to ever call, text, or talk outside of work. That the relationship is strictly professional now. I do understand the professional relationship thing, but it’s too late for that! It’s way too late for that. I know everything about her and vise versa, deep dark secrets, everything. You can’t just flip a switch and not know someone anymore. How do uou change the way you interact with someone immediately? The awkwardness is off the charts.  I am so angry with her. I can’t even believe how she is being. I want to yell and scream at her and tell her what a rotten person I think she is and ask her how she can just leave me like this? How can you just drop me and not care ? How can you just leave and pretend like its nothing? I don’t need you either and I hate you. Don’t ever ask me anything other than how’s the weather. Don’t talk to me don’t look at me don’t touch me! I can’t stand her or anything about her! I just keep trying to distract myself from this with something other than SI. I want to think about this rationally but I can’t I hate her and I never want to see her face again.