So I just found out that my 13yo daughter is SI. I dont understand it and have no clue as to what to do or how to even approach it with her. She has not been open with talking to me here lately, starting to get private and even rebell a little. She is very smart, pretty and popular. I guess that is why is am so confused. I dont get why she would want to do something like this. One of her friends and her lil sister has brought this to my attention. I caught her asleep last night and looked at her. Not sure if she knows I know yet. I saw marks.  I am scared to death. I just found this and have never blogged before. Anyone with input on how to approach her please, I want to know what to do. I dont want to push her further into this. I will begin reading about this, but I think the best way to get info is from someone WHO has ACTUALLY been there and done this.  I dont know, I feel so lost and confused, and aparently so does she. All I know is I am totally cluesless about this and we need help!