I SI’ed two nights ago. I don’t feel anything about it. Maybe a little baffled. I got into one of those stupid little insignificant fights with my partner that couples get in to. It was over a tv show…it sounds so ridiculous now! I got SO mad so fast, I went into my room, shut the door, and hadn’t even thought about hurting myself until I saw something I used to use to SI and I grabbed it and did it. It just happened. Like I said, I feel nothing much about it. It was pointless. I didn’t feel better or worse. I don’t feel better or worse now thinking about it. What I do feel is poisonous. I am hungry and exhausted and it’s late and I just want to fill my body with drugs and alcohol and everything that will hurt me and fill fill fill until I can’t move or see without closing one eye and then maybe I will be oblivious enough and comfortable enough to feel normal and ok.