Everyone should know, there is hope. It may seem distant, or even nonexistent currently, but just hold on. I know this because, I’m still recovering.  I take it one day at a time, and I know now what the effect is on others around me. So far, it’s been over a year, nearly two actually. To the point where I am growing as a person and don’t recognize the time passing. It’s easier to move forward, and even a step back at least isn’t restarting.  Everyday takes strength and determination, and I’ve found the people who actually are there, and not lying about caring.

Along with this new sense of growth, I have come to realize that now any negative feeling comes with a cause. Part of it is in my head, when I feel guilty for things in my relationship with my boyfriend, I feel it harder. But then again, I can handle it, as it only lasts for a minute or so concentrated. Before would be a longer time span, and difficult.  And now when anything happens, I know it is safer to go to bed early, and stay with people around me. Even if they don’t see me, I know they are there. That’s all that matters in the end.