my 13 yr old daughter justn told me she has been injuring herself. we had a cps case due to my bi-polar disorder and although the case has closed she lives w/her 25 yr old brother until i feel more capable of giving her a stable home environment. as if this isnt enough her boyfriend of 4 yrs has broken up w/her & she is devasted. she has a love/hate relationship w/her father who lives in Michigan. he is trying to keep their relationship going but she is all over the place. i am at a loss on how to help her…..please is there anyone who can help me undwerstand? she & i have an extremely close relationship & talk about everything. i have never lied to either of my kids. when they ask me something i tell them the truth. so i am happy she felt she could come to me but i honestly dont know how to help her. i was honest & told her i would look into how we can help her to stop & to deal with all her pain. so please help this scared mom. my son was a injurer in his teens over a break up also but he just quit on his own & hasn’t ever injured again. HELP