my family thinks i have zero problems.  they think im totally fine.  I can handle anything.  Sorry to burst your bubble guys but i am beyond stressed out.  i never realized being out of school (my biggest stressor) would leave me stressed. my mom gets mad for the smallest things! like tonight, i got called into my 3rd job early (yes three jobs and then tell me whose selfish) and I was suppose to bring my aunt home with me who has a broken arm.  well since i got called in early, i had to leave job 1 early, therefore asking my mom to pick up my aunt.  she got mad at ME, cuz i couldnt go get her.  Like, ok i get it, youre tired.  But i dont recall me getting anymore rest or time to myself than you do.  If anything you get to come home, relax, and enjoy a day off tomorrow.  What do I get to do??  Clean, catch up on stuff I dont get to do since im never home.   I have to be at work in 30 minutes and im trying so hard to cry so my face isnt all puffy.  No one understands that im under pressure too.  That my parents fighting CONSTANTLY takes its toll on me too.  The fact that I messed up plans with my friends to be with them, to make them happy, I make myself unhappy, and it leaves me wanting to si and scream.  I dont even know what to say anymore.  If i could i would stay at work even later, but i cant, so I guess im stuck.   idk.  im over it.  happy freaking new years to me huh?