It’s been such a long time since i have blogged on here. But i feel a need to share my testimony to you guys. Well, i’ve been injuring for a couple of years. Ever since i was little, my cousin would molest me almost everyday. She was a female, and i as well. Ever since then, I have been having thoughts of homosexuality. I’m all confused about it. But, i’ve also been suicidal. Mind you, I’m only 14 years old. I have so much ahead of me, and you all do too. You all have so much potential. But anyways,
I was so depressed. I was hospitilized, but only for 11 days at Rush Hospital in Chicago (an excellent hospital indeed). Through my journey, i found God, and allowed him to slowly take over my life. I encourage you all to find some sort of religion such as buddist, or Christianity. Allow it to take over your life. Instead of injuring, try yoga or knitting. I know it sounds rediculous. But ;little things such as that, can make a difference. I’m currently on medication, This bipolar medication, and an anti-depressant. I dont think that medication is the answer. But when i feel down, i express my feelings in my writinig and music. I encourage you to try and take up a language or and instrument. Instead of using SI as a coping method, try something else instead. It’s hard. trust me, I know, I still have issues with temptations to SI. But i super duper encourage it. We are all special to God. No matter what we do to ourselves, he will always love us. Hope and rescue IS possible. REMVBER THIS

(I’M)POSSIBLE.. instead of impossible