I need her; I need my best friend to be online right now. She isn’t. I just need her online right now and all I can do is hug the plushie she made for me and hope she’ll be here soon. Right now that’s the only thing that will make me happy if she’ll come online. The plushie’s scent calms me- It smells like her. I don’t know why it’s soothing to me, but it is.

In case you’re wondering…Yes I did meet her online. We got our parents’ permission before sending each other anything though. We’ve skyped before so we know that we’re both who we say we are.

I hate when people say that she’s not a real friend just because I met her online. Those are pretty much the only friends I have right now. Online ones, I don’t go to public school anymore and the few friends I had there- I’ll bet they forgot me. I’ll bet they did.

My mom came in and saw me crying. She asked me if I was okay-obviously I’m not, but I told her that I’m fine. I hate it when people see me cry, it’s embarrassing!

I just needed to write this somewhere.