I’m so anxious I feel like my whole body is super alert to everything. Every noise inside and outside, every smell, every facial expression and movement of everyone around me. A guy was in line today and he had all this crazy nervous energy pouring out from him and I was so scared he was going to kill me. I’m scared of all the “doomsday” talk of Friday. I took OTC sleeping pills from ages 12-24 and stopped finally when I went to treatment because I had no choice. It’s not narcotics and it’s not physically addictive but the behavior is, and the way I feel groggy and out of touch is. I want to feel no fear and since I can’t do anything else I feel like maybe I should start taking them, just for this week. I CAN do whatever I want, I can’t do it all and I want to. I feel like calling my therapist. I could email. I don’t know. I feel alone and scared and extra sensitive.