I woke up and felt bad immediately. I wanted to throw everything in my path and hit and scream and the dogs and cats were annoying me and they weren’t even even doing anything. I hate when I’m mean. I felt All this rage and then I cried and then we got in the car and with all it’s shaking and dying and stopping and that feeling of having no clue what I’m going to do, it came back and I’m so angry and I feel helpless and hopeless and alone! Last night my partner told me I was being dramatic and sensitive. I hate when she says I need to stop being so sensitive! Like I don’t know that?? Like I’ve not been trying to stop being so sensitive for as long as I can remember? I don’t need you anyway and if I’m bothering you then leave me. Then I can live in my own clean clutter free apartment alone and I won’t be bothering you and I can do whatever I want to myself. I feel like a bunch of drugs, alcohol, and SI will cure this today.