I’m trying very hard to be strong rite now. My niece SI…shes been struggling with SI since she was in her early teens she’s now 18. Its gotten worse within the past year since my sister left her behind at my Dads  to live with a boyfriend and is not actively involved in her life. This is new to me and I’m trying my best to educate myself in order to help her. I feel very alone in this. It hard for my Dad to understand what she’s going through. Why she can’t just snap out  of if. I’ve  passed on as much information as I can find to him in order to help him understand. She was also diagnosed with a personality disorder. She was recently admitted to the hospital in late sept. how do I keep lines of communication open when it’s so difficult to find that balance … If I believe she may harm herself I then have to cross boundaries and search her room to see if there’s evidence  of  intentions of attempted sucide.  I promised her when she was hospitalized that I’m here and never going anywhere. No matter how hard this gets or how much she may push me away at times. My feet are planted and I’m never going anywhere. I will do whatever it is in order for her to have the resources to become well. no matter how many times she relapses I will be here. I love her more than she can possibly realize. I have 3 sons and she is the closest thing I have to a daughter.