It  is getting even harder to fight the urge to SI then normal. My parents are driving me through the roof and its all I want to do. Guys keep messing with my head and I am sick of it. I feel depressed all of the time that it is almost too much to bear. I know that I need help. One guy actually dumped me because I had daddy issues and because I SI. I was really hurt when he did dump me and he told me that I don’t deserve any guy until I fix my issues. Every since then I constantly feel like I should SI. I don’t know how to handle my urges anymore. Sometimes it just gets too hard. I gave in a few days ago because my parents were putting to much stress on me. I couldn’t fight it and I felt like I had to. I know that it is wrong and I know that I shouldn’t do it. I just feel like I have no one to talk to. Its sooo hard. I have tried everything I can to calm down or keep myself from doing but somethings just don’t work.  My parents don’t understand why I do it. They think I am just doing it for attention which doesn’t make sense because I don’t like to tell people about. I don’t even like it when they know. I have talked to my sister who SI too. We have both struggled with it. But, she hasn’t done it in a while and I don’t understand how she can handle it. I wish that I could be as strong as her. She is the person I look up to even though she is my same age. She is pretty and gets all the guys and on top of all of that she keeps herself from SI by staying busy. I am busy too but I am not strong. I don’t know how to fight the urge anymore. 🙁