Im scared out of my mind, thinking of what I have done to myself what I’m doing to myself and what is still to come. SI to me has become another addiction. I’m 15 years old. I started SI two years ago when I became friends with this girl. She told me her story and her abuse. She told me about her SI and how much better he feels. I had just been through alot of things filled with stress and anxiety. I had gotten into a huge fight with my mom I went straight to my room contemplating SI, I gave in. I have been SI from then on. My parents found the scars mabey months later. My mother cried. That was the first time I made her cry. And it wouldent be the last. She told me she was disappointed in me and told me next time to just talk to her. But she dosent understand that I can’t. That same friend of mine introduced me to alcohol which quickly became a friend along with drugs. I started skipping school an my parents noticed. They yelled at me to stop and they threatened things. Mostly things I didnt care about anymore. I gott addicted to injuring.