After spending the last week trying to keep myself SI free, and failing twice, I got to a point today where I am able to see some area’s that I can take action to keep my children and I from being homeless. I also came to find strength in knowing that I can do this, I can be better then what I have been told in my past. I am not a product of my genes, or how I was brought up. I have free will, and can choose to do the right things including not SI. I am going to contact a couple of place’s tomorrow to see about government housing and how long the waiting list is. Then I am going to contact The Salvation Army about a program that I heard that helps keep people from becoming homeless. I will see my counselor tomorrow, and hand over my tools one more time and I am dedicating that it will be the last time. I am going to work on expressing my feelings appropriately with words, instead of bottling them up. I am going to learn to trust again. Life can be a whole concept of a horror, or I can make it through it and find on the other end that I can live above that.

Sometimes it takes a mind frame change to see that I can pull through, and that there is hope where none could be seen before. I am ready, I am tired of this fight, but I am ready, and willing, and am going to take the action needed.