every day i have the people who are closest to me saying i’m going to relapse, that i’m a _____, and that i need to disappear forever. and while they make think this is “funny” or just a joke, they don’t realize that this is my whole life. every night i cry myself to sleep because of what they say, and i can’t help but slowly start to lose any confidence i had. i normally turn to my best friend but lately, she seems different, even distant. it’s like she is keeping her whole life from me and it’s just hard because i feel like i can’t lean on her anymore. i just wish i had someone who showed me that they cared. i give my friends advice, i hug them when they are hurting or scared, i wipe their tears away when they’re crying, i do absolutely anything i can to help. i guess it’s too much to even ask that when i’m on the verge of tears, that they just wrap their arms around me and say that it’ll all be okay… i feel so alone and i’m scared that relapsing is only a short matter of time… please help.