1st Mistake: Having ever stared self harming.
1st Lesson: There is nothing wrong with me.
2nd Mistake: Giving myself false hope.
2nd Lesson: When it comes to hope, the word false cannot be used.
3rd Mistake: Thinking i was invincible.
3rd Lesson: Even superman has Kriptonite.
No one is perfect, it just takes all we have to try to be like everyone else. But whats so wrong about being different? I mean we are all individual and have our own thoughts and feelings. Like i said even superman has Kriptonite and though he tries with all his might, even superman falls to his knees begging please, please, please. We will all have a time in our lives that we feel this way and even if we have to fall to our knees begging for help, and strength to carry on we will move through those hard times. In the end doesn’t superman always win anyway?
Forever Always,
Miss DEE <3