What is the driving force behind YOUR self harm? Do you injur because there’s too much pain inside and you have to get it out? Is physical pain easier to deal with than emotional? Do you hate your situation at home? Overwhelmed with work or school? Do you harm when you’re depressed or lonely? Do you hate yourself?
I don’t know what makes up your self injury. I don’t know what goes on in your head and leads up to injuring. I don’t even know what your favorite color is, muchless what makes you so desperate for something that you’re harming yourself. Heck, sometimes I don’t have a specific reason of why I do it. Sometimes you might just crave it. One thing I do know is that whatever has made you injur, i’ve felt it too. I have past. I have regrets and mistakes just like anyone, and i make more all of the time.
I guess i’m trying to say i get it. And i’m here to talk or just vent.
Bye guys (and my gals)