I promised myself in seventh grade no matter how dark my life got i’d never injure, well sure enough. . . Towards the end of my eighth grade year i injured. I felt i couldn’t take it no more and i still feel that way. When i started i knew my depression and suicidal thoughts were getting worse and i needed help. So i took my friend into the bathroom one day before school and told her i needed to show her something and i needed her to promise not to tell. I showed her. She simply replied what is that, i never answered. She asked twice more, i looked down in shame and said i injured myself. She laughed and said well i gotta get to class < | 3 Thats when i knew noone was their for me. I had a childhood like many, even though i know it can be worse. But, i’m only thirteen and i almost ended it last night. . . i injured. I didn’t wanna stop, i felt their was no light in my life, no reason to live. My bestfriend who, i never met threatrened to commit suicide if i didn’t stop. I called him franickly he didn’t answer. So text after text and call after call, finally he picked up. I almost lost him and this wasn’t the first. I really honestly wanna get help but, i’m scared. People say injurers are attention seekers, thats not true. They don’t know what none of us have gone through. I don’t trust no family or friends because him. But, theres a probelm he lives like a hundred miles away :’| and i’ve never met him. How and where should i get help? Because i don’t wanna get my school involved and i’m scared of getting locked up in a mental hospital. . . And i was thinking about calling a suicide hotlinee?