I always post something on 9/11. I’ve been working on this thing in therapy that I’m supposed to remember ALL my feelings are. valid. On Sept 11th anniversary I feel stupid sometimes because I feel SO much about it still. People close to me have told me before to not focus on it, move on…the thing is, I’m not focusing on it, it’s just there. I’m sure there are other people like me out there. People a little extra sensitive. Probably on this blog, that still feel it intensely. I can never ever seem to get the images out of my mind. Some of those pictures, the classic ones everyone knows, I can’t see. It makes my stomach do flips, I get paranoid. I started SI because of 9/11. It was all over the tv for months and the tv was always on in my house and the images and the fear and my grandma and parents talking all religious about it being the end of the world and one afternoon it was just too much and I had to let it out before I exploded with my fear. At some points in the last 11 years I have said I wish I had never started. I feel past that now, I’ve let that go. It is what it is, it’s just part of my story. It just is. And 9/11 is part of my story because of it. It’s so so weird to me to think some people don’t remember. Some people were born post 9/11. I often wonder how they feel about it, if they feel anything. I’m not going anywhere with this, I jut need to process it sometimes.