Today is the two year anniversary of when one of my close friends took their own life. Not a day goes by when i don’t think about her. No one knows the whole story and honestly, i’d rather keep that between me and her. i started self harming 2 1/2 years ago ((only about two or three times though)), and once my friend took her life, i started self harming more. she meant the world to me, she was my strength and took away all of my pain. i’ll never forget the last thing she ever said to me “Lauren, i love you and don’t you ever forget that. i’ll talk to you tomorrow, goodbye<3”. that was the last time i ever heard from her… she promised me that she wouldn’t ever leave me and that we would live for each other. i kept my promise, but she broke hers… i’d give anything to have her back in my life</3 she may be gone, but her memory is NEVER forgotten. and i know that when i look down at myself, that the pain of you being gone isn’t any easier as the years continue/: