I recently learned that a really good friend of mine whom I’ve also been dating for 5 months SI’s. She told and showed me last night, and I’m completely astonished. We’ve been talking about her ED for a bit now, but this is something she’s been hiding longer I suppose. I made her promise she wouldn’t do it without at least calling me first but I don’t even know what to say! She hides it well but I see through it like a window now she really is in a dark place, and it’s tough because she takes it out on herself, me, and her own family. I don’t want to leave her side I love her so much but she’s so on and off with me I barely feel like there’s a connection between us sometimes. I’m glad she finally opened up about it though to her best friend and I. It’s like I’ve just been thrown into a new world that I really don’t know jack squat about.

I know I’m not the solution to her problems, but I’m always going to be there for her if and when she needs me, and I let her know this. Her mother still doesn’t know though. Is there anything else that I can do? I feel such a disconnect sometimes and I tell myself she’ll be alright but I’m really pushing a limit here. I’m afraid that she’s going to crash and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Thanks for reading