I relapsed last Wednesday after a few weeks of staying clean. The only reason I didn’t post this then is because I was away at Marching Band camp and I only just got back. I would say that I can’t believe that I self harmed after staying clean for so long, but I’m not surprised at all. I thought that I would have relapsed earlier, but, thank God, that didn’t happen.
I went to a shrink/counselor today, but it was a bit awkward, not because I didn’t want to say anything, but because I know his daughter from school! How can I discuss my problems and history with someone who is the father of a really…. let’s just call her provocative and rude girl. I would love to keep seeing this shrink, but whenever I think about going to see him again, I can’t help but think about how his daughter has treated me in the past. I wouldn’t be able to talk to this shrink about that, mainly because I would want to say anything disrespectful about his daughter to him, especially because him and his daughter are also my neighbors. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE TELL ME!!
Have a great life <3