Ive always thought that id be the perfect girl.. the one who’s surrounded by the people who are supposed to love her most. No. Instead ive been injuring since i was eight and im not fourteen. Ive met people who have had the same issue, but theyre always able to stop. I can’t. When i was six or seven, i was molested and only one person knows this. My best friend. I love him because he can understand a lot. His dad abuses him at home and he’s afraid to sleep. So am i. We both know we need help. He wants me to get help because he says my injuring hurts him. I can’t lose him. He’s honestly the only person ive ever told that i was molested. I just always feel like it’s my fault. My mom found out i injured last march, but she doesnt want to believe it and she doesnt want to believe that im battling depression. She makes jokes and my brother goes along with them. I just want to stop injuring for my best friend.. but it’s hard with the jokes in my house. I just need help but im way too afraid to admit that i have issues. Ive had periods of time where i thought i was done, but i always end up doing it again and i need help but i dont know where to start.