I’ve been battling with self harm for many years since i was about 11 and 18 now, for the first 10 years of my life I would say I was pretty “normal” kid but then something happened by the next year I became homeless and my relationship with my dad was getting bad we starting fighting a lot. It was bad enough being without a home, I used to lock myself in the bathroom and injure myself. So over the past couple of years on and off of being homeless and having a roof under my head I would feel alone and anger so i would take that pain and use it on myself :c now when I was around 14 is the time i started injuring more.  But when I turned 15 I started making friends and going out and it seemed like for once we had a stable home, you can say i stop using selfharm but really I just turned to alcohol & drugs. but i had thought that was a better choice, but then all of a sudden after two years of living there we got kicked out of our home and i ended up moving 1hour away from my friends it doesn’t sound that bad but we don’t have enough money or a good car to really make trips to see them, so now i’m back to being very lonely and i’m depressed more than ever my senior year i was supposed to do was all thrown away…sometimes i feel like i shouldn’t complain because i’m lucky enough to have a roof over my head and food on my table & then I started hating myself because I get sad. Since I’ve moved here I had my first panic attack and it was scary, my injuring is worse & I breakdown mostly every day. & here comes the worst part my parents were recently jumped and stabbed…I almost lost my parents :’c so now with my new problem is anger with all the other emotions i got going on. SelfHarm to me is like a drug it’s so addicting it calms me down, i’m not doing it to take my life away but it helps it’s like my own meditation.