First of all I’d like to say I’m sorry. To anyone who is reading this because you must be on this website because your in such pain you hurt yourself to feel better, or worse. But I’m sorry any of you are so badly broken, and I sincerely hope you all know you’re not alone in your struggle. There is always hope for a brighter tomorrow, and it may take time but we can all find our way out of the mess that is depression/ self harm. And I want each and every one of you know that although you may have your flaws, everyone is capable of loving and being loved. That being said, I’ve been struggling a lot latelly myself with feeling unlovable and unwanted. I don’t know what to do, it hurts so much. It feels like my chest is caving in from the hurt, and my anxiety about things hasn’t helped much either. There’s no one I can turn to for help, it’s as if not one person cares. It’s a feling too painful to even discribe. Sorry my thoughts are all scrambled, but I wish the best for everyone and stay strong.