I haven’t self injured since march…but I fear that might chang fast. I attend a college prepatory high school year I earned a year average of 3.4,which isn’t really that bad.But to my mom it was a complete fail. Keeping in mind that that year was myfreshman year and that in November my dad passed, and until Febuary I was going through self injury without anyone knowing. I was quite proud of this, but as usual, my mom wasn’really has never really ever been proud of me….but she has of both my sisters. My older sister was a great swimmer (as in the sport) and she obtained a 4.0.Pretty much no matter what I do I continue to disappoint my mom at every turn.  I know she doesn’t care about me, and I certainly don’t care about her, but that doesn’t keep her from crushing my spirit everyday. I can barely go one day without hearing how “fat” I am.  The only reason why I am “fat” is because I don’t have a 6-pack. Just no matter what I do I am just a failure to everyone around me…do I even have a worth? And with the nwe school year approaching, and grades to worry about….I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep myself from injuring…….