First off thank you Pam (the moderator) for your advice.  🙂

I listened to it and decided to reach out to a friend.  But he simply blew my feelings off and made a joke. But I realized I had t really said much and he’s one to make jokes ofa major feelings. So I mean oh well.  I havethis blog to talk to.  Somewhere I could be blatantly honest and not worry.  Ive had urges since Saturday. But I’ve four offmy off.  Now I’m sick.  Who gets sick in the summer time. Apparently I do.  Getting sick and feeling ,Israel doesn’t help with the urges.  but I’m glad I’ve been staying strong. ppm starting a new work out routine sunday. I’m not sure how Its going to go with si. But I don’t want toSewell on that now.  The stress of holding back si right now is enough to think about.  I want to ssleeper but sleep is taking over me. I welcome sleep tonight though. Thanks for being there blog, I can’t even begin to explain my gratitude for having a safe place to Go.  Good night.