I havent SIed in a long time i beilive 5 months and a half now. And that good ive always been able to stop for months, but usually i get how i am now and the urg to SI gets more intense.
I know everyone has something going on in ther lives that makes them hurt, and i no i should be greatful, but im just so depressed now more than ever. And i hate being depressed, i rather feel nothing like when i SIed then to feel depressed. I just feel like breaking down and crying all the time now. I usualy get my depressed weeks but shot ive been depressed for this whole mobth.
I really just dont like my family right now and idk if i can handle all of this pain right now i just cant 🙁 i wanna SI but i no i cant, and i hate to cry because it doest solve anything, yeh it feels better but it doest solve anything. Neither does SI i no but at least that took away all these feeling.
Super lost and just wish someone coukd help.