Love can really mess you up in the head. Why does it seem like the ones you really love never really love you back or they know YOU love THEM and want to USE that?? What kind of a monster misuses the fact that someone would obviously give up everything for them just for some cheap benefit to themselves? If you were in that position wouldn’t you cherish that instead of taking advantage? Especially when you knew the person’s life was in shambles and they were still trying hard to leave a sliver of their heart open for you! I seriously can’t think of anything colder you could do to a person. Or maybe it’s just the fact some people really honestly don’t know anything else other than taking advantage of people, which really stinks by the way…but I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But why does it seem like they can be everything you need, even more so than the people next to you and then they turn around and do something horrible? How can people be so Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? I’m so confused…as If life hasn’t been heart-wrenching enough without having to deal with all this. I even had the “joy” *sarcasm* of hearing a voicemail on my phone of my own FAMILY badmouthing me….let’s just say they haven’t all realised how voicemail works yet. That was fun. NOT. I go back to my past point: You can’t trust anyone. Don’t let yourself trust anyone. I’ve YET to meet someone (friend, family, etc.) whom I could trust without doubt. Sometimes, Life. Stinks.