Just signed on to this blog, it’s reassuring to find some other parents going through similar shocked reactions and questioning. There were absolutely no clues from school or friends or activities that my 15 yo daughter was having any issues. After revealing  SI to me at her “well child” annual physical (after confiding in the doctor), she began therapy and treatment for depression. It has been very helpful to me to begin therapy myself, and I was diagnosed with mild chronic depression (dysthymia).  Talking to a social worker-therapist who specializes in depression has been wonderful for me, and is helping reduce stress in other parts of my life as well.  For the step-mom whose husband believes in consequences: that is a very useful way for kids to grow up and take responsibility for their behavior, but the consequences could be more directed to helping the girl understand her behavior and learn other coping mechanisms.  My daughter was in denial that injuring was a serious issue (it’s just something I do), so the consequences were that she would not be able to go on a planned vacation or summer program out of town (away from us parents) unless she was working with a therapist, who could verify that she was stable enough to do so.  I was happy that I could adjust the consequences to an arrangement that benefitted her and my peace of mind.  Much of the past 8 months has been about learning how to get her to take more responsibility for herself in many areas of her life, and to reduce the “hovering parent” behavior that can feel mandatory to maintain her safety and happiness, but ends up making her dependent and helpless. My husband (her dad) also came to a session to discuss this new plan for her growing up, so we were all on the same page.  I have been reading a classic book, “Reviving Ophelia” that came out the year she was born, and it well describes why these very sensitive, intelligent kids are so vulnerable to the stresses of adolescence in our culture.  It clearly has not improved in the last 15 years as shown by this epidemic of SI.  Hope everyone can come to grips and not only work to cure our kids but to change our societal values for the better of all. “Peace out!”