I havent done any harm to my self in 4 months now. I have been through stuff in my past that really messed me up. My ex bf he abused me, I was sexually assulted, Iv had many loved ones die infront of me, i have had a eating disorder due to fighting at home, and alot more. But im better now, im still depressed but im slowly getting better but what i really dont get is i havent slept in 3 weeks, The past three weeks iv slept 3 pushing it 4 hours a night. I was up crying or screaming and with injuries i dont even remember what my nightmare was anymore i just wake up in tears see what happened to me and cant fall asleep and just lays their until the sun comes up or its time for me to go to practice or work. Im 15, and i just dont get why this is happening and i feel like somthings watching me half the time.. i dont know whats wrong with me, is it all in my head? or what? i dont get this and i need sleep iv been colla[sing cause i havent slept in so long. i need help.