Im 16 turning 17 this year. have been SIing for 3 years now but have been SI free for 3 months. I have an amazing boyfriend that i’ve been going out for 15 months. hes everything i could dream of, and he’s helped me through soooo much. I was sexually abused when i was 6 years old and since then i havent been the little girl who likes to play with dolls, play dress up or now at 16 do girly things. I’ve always been known as boy crazy to my parents and friends but not in a bad way, just as in when i see a good looking guy i ALWAYS point it out or talk to him. But ever since i’ve been with my boyfriend i havent looked at guys like that. I’ve always been straight…well i thought i was until recently i’ve made a new friend. she’s bisexual and me and her have become really close friends. After a while she started liking me more then a friend…and i started feeling the same. i know crazy but it just happened. I started acting weird around my bf and he wouldnt stop asking me what was wrong…and i told him. Usually guys are into that weird stuff but not my bf. He flipped out and was telling me he didnt want me talking to her anymore. Hes not a controlling boyfriend but hes very religious and when i told him i might be bisexual it was “disrespecting his beliefs”. We had the same fight about it 3 times in one week because i kept talking to her. and finally yesterday night i told him he needs to choose. he can either have me while im still friends with this girl and not fight about it or he can break up with me because i wasnt going to drop one of my friends. He chose to stay with me but i know hes mad and will barely talk right now. And i guess i see where hes coming from but the same way i wouldnt talk or do anything with a guy while im with him the same applies for a girl. I just dont know what I want anymore. Im in love with my boyfriend…but this girl makes me so happy too. This is so confusng and i dont know what to do. Trying to please everyone else and keep up with what i want is stressing me out more then ever. I keep thinking about SIing but im really trying to stay strong. But i could really use some advice with this.. :/