I’ve been self harming a lot more now that I’ve been speding more time with my mom. We’re on a trip to Ireland together, and she is just really hard to be around. She’s uber preppy (which is creepy considering that she’s 56), and she always has this plastic smile on like she’s happy, when it looks like she’s ignoring everything. It’s creepy. Not to mention that I can only contact peple via email.
Whenever I’m depressed or suicidal, or whatever, I always walk down to my friend(s) house, and immediately I forget about my problems. Now, I can’t tell anyone anything about anything, and I refuse to post anything online.
I swear that if my mom walks from the pub to the b&b drunk, she’s not going anywhere tomorrow. Forget whatever she has planned, if she’s wasted, she staying in town and not doing anything.
Has anyone else noticed that they seem to gravitate to people similar to them? I tend to become friends with people who have or who still do self harm; or who love music and writing; or who are antisocial and awkward too. It’s kind of odd…
Tangent, sorry.