I’m 17 years old, and I started self harm about 3 months ago.  I’ve told my closest friends, because I needed to tell someone I trusted.  When I told my best friend, she flipped out on me.  Our friendship was already a bit unstable, due to an ongoing fight that was blown way out of proportion.  She told me she was going to start checking on me and be supportive and all that, at first.  A month went by, and we still weren’t really talking, so she was no help.  Instead she would just ask my other friends to let her know how I was doing, and when they told her I hurt myself again, she would text me and just be all disappointed and yell at me saying I broke my promise, all that kind of stuff.  About 3 weeks ago,  we were talking and she said that she wasn’t going to apologize or anything, cause the fight was all my fault and she did nothing wrong.  I was tired of hearing her say that it was all my fault, and that she wasn’t gonna try to do anything cause it was up to me to fix it.  At the same time she was talking to my other best friend, who has been there for me for forever, and she told her that ever since she stopped talking to me her life had gotten a considerable amount better.  I heard about that and when I brought it up, she tried to make up for it by feeding me a line of bull that I didn’t buy.  She also went on to say that she didn’t want to be around me as long as I keep doing this to myself.  That was when I decided I was done with it.  I told her I was tired of it, and I was done.  Last week was my birthday, and she didn’t say anything, but when she went to Europe yesterday, I tried to say good bye and have fun, but she still didn’t say anything.  It hurts that she can’t see that I truly need her help, even though she has done nothing but cause me stress for the past 4 months.  I don’t know what to do anymore, and am very close to just giving up.