I just wanted to share something that irritated me just a little bit ago. I went to a psychiatrist office today to check in about some medication and see whats going on with me…part of whats going on with me is a lot of strong urges to SI. I told her that, I assured her I’m not currently in danger of hurting myself. We talked about some other things too. It seemed like she was uncomfortable talking about self injury. Granted I was a little uncomfortable bringing it up, not because I’m ashamed anymore but regaurdless of how much I’ve talked about it, it’s still something very personal and such a private act by nature that I feel a little vulnerable. Now what bothered me was we both stand up to leave the office and she is handing me the prescriptions and she said now THIS one here you need to take if you are feeling urges to…” She didn’t say the word, she made a gesture with her hand across her arm motioning hurting herself. I don’t know why that bothered me so much but it did. I was thinking wow that was so awkward and unprofessional. There are so many ways to say self injury, self mutilation…whatever, in a professional way. It was the gesture of doing it. I was just like “…really…did she just do that?” in my head. Again, it’s not a big deal, I just wanted to share. Maybe some of you have had similar experiences.