I’m tired of relapsing, and injuring at weak  moments, and feeling worthless. Then I stop feeling lousy, and I break out in zits, and my sister talks to me to her friend when she thinks I’m not there,and my family hates me because I’m not my perfect sister, who’s smart, and perfect, and now she looks even prettier, and I look in the mirror and I see my yucky teeth, which need braces, and my ugly, stringy hair,and my not great looking outfit, because I had to have a large chest. And then without meaning to, my boyfriend always make me feel worse because he sees girls older than me, that are smaller than me (in more than one way) and tells me, which wears down my confidence, and I have a scar on my leg from when I crashed  a 6 wheeler, and he wants me to go swimming with him and family. I don’t know what to do, since even my family hates me, because I’m stupid to them, and ugly, and I always injure, and etc. To make it better, my mom knows I injure, said she’d talk to me…. that was a freaking week ago. I know she doesn’t care because of that. Guess I’ll shut up, before I wanna si