I’m a 15 going to be 16 year old girl.

I’ve been bi-curious for a little over a year now. and I’ve had/ sorta have a gf.

My parents don’t know that i might be bisexual, because my mom always talks badly about lesbians and such. and makes me feel ashamed about myself. So knowing all these other opinions i struggle with my own opinion of myself and steer back and forth from what i sexually prefer. weather it be boys alone, or both boys and girls. I really do like my girlfriend. I think i love  her. I read this book called “scars” and its really good. I recommend it for all teenage girls who S.I. It made me see my feeling for my girlfriend in a whole other light.

I just can’t come to quite a level on what i feel. I feel like my feelings are too up and down.

I’m confused.