today was so freaking stressful…. I wanted to SI all day…. By thankfully I didn’t..
Today was all just so ridiculous.. And I know this isn’t really a site for me to complain, but it’s the only place to get it all out..
So I work at a grocery store and I got paid yesterday, but they only paid me for twelve o the thirty hours I worked the previous week. I went in to talk to my managers only to find out I have to wait till Sunday to talk to a different manager to maybe get this fixed. A couple hours later I had to work and I had to spend twelve dollars of money that I don’t have on tampons because our work is too cheap to just have them in the break room bathroom. Then my rude manager was picking on me and afterwards I had to push carts. And mind you I’m 4’5″ish and 103 pounds.. Pushing carts is hard.. Then I had to take in groceries I didn’t buy because my dad wanted to go visit his girlfriend and was too lazy to either: a) get out of the truck and open the door or b) help me with the groceries. So after I got inside my house, I remembered for the millionth time that I don’t have a dog anymore because my dad didn’t want to deal with her and that she wouldn’t come running up to me, making my day better. I then started a steaming hot bath for my aching feet and arms and enjoyed it while listening to Christina Perri and Jack Johnson. However, when I got out I found out that I was 1) home alone and 2)that my brothers went to Denny’s without me and didnt bother to ask if I wanted to come with. Then my dad came home and told me I couldn’t go over to my friend’s house to be less depressed. On top of all of this my Best Friend hadn’t been textin me and I wanted to SI very badly. Soon, my brothers came home and I was forced to watch Back to the Future 2 and 3 while everyone in my house refused to even attempt small talk with me. Eventually my Best Friend texted and the highlight of my day was my Best Friend and I agreeing that when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs we’ve got each other’s backs because Best Friends watch out for each other.
All in all, all I have to say is…it’s the little things that count. Want everyone to keep that in mind.