I had such a good life before this happened. I mean yeahh , a lot of things happened when I was younger that did kind of scar me , but it wasn’t all too bad. Then I started having thoughts that I can’t even control. My stress level is extremely high. I’ve tried to kill myself. But I never succeeded.

I hate seeing my mom worry && go through so much because of me. Trying to get me counseling , medicine , doing EVERYTHING in her power to keep me safe and happy. She has 2 other kids that want her attention and a little baby that needs her too , but yet her focus is on me. Staying up throughout the night just to make sure I am ok. I carry so much guilt , and I wish and pray that she doesn’t have to go through this anymore. But I can’t control myself. School absolutely stinks. When people see the scars on me they judge me and think I’ve gone Emo. As much as I want this to go away , it seems as is it comes back twice as hard. I need support , but it seems like there isn’t any if I went looking for it.

So , here I am , 13 years old , scars.  Wanting to give up and thinking…. Why Me. ?