I have been a injurer most of my life at the age of 28 and still struggle with it today – I have scars all over. With all that sad I am also very althetic and decided to take up what looked to be a fun new sport – pole dancing for fitness. Turns out studios and instructors and people in general have a problem with the scars, even though I have not injured in a very long time some of them healed very poorly and have large scars. I suffered a lot of persecution and am still being put down by many instructors. I managed to stick it out and make my own business teaching private pole dancing lessons from my home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is hard, but it has helped me gain self esteem and I really want to reach out to other injurers to teach but am having trouble finding resources in this town for injuring support or places to advertise. I know pole dancing can be associated negatively, but that is not the case for me – for me it has been a process to heal a long broken heart and incentive to not injure and let my scars heal. If you could please reply/email me with any ideas on how to reach injurers in this area I would greatly apprecaite it as I want to help those that can be.