So guess what guys? I’m in love with my best friend. And I have been for almost two years now. And it’s so stupid because he is with this girl who he loves that will never love him back. And he knows it. But he chooses to stay with her anyway even though he knows he won’t ever really get anything from the relationship. My best friend is torturing himself with this other girl when he could be with a girl who will love him for himself.
I met my best friend at a Halloween Party two Octobers ago. See the party was being hosted by this girl in my fifth hour who I didn’t really know very well. She invited me and I allow didnt go. But I had told her I would so I did. And I met my best friend.
He was standing in front of me, sagging his pants. So I grabbed his belt and playfully attempted to pull his pants up. He turned around and said “Do I know you??” I told him no and just smiled. I found out that evening his name was K. And I spent the rest of the night flirtig with him and sitting on his lap.
Six days later, K and I were dating. However, we only dated for a week because my father made me break up with K on our one week anniversary. K was devastated.
In the short time we dated we both became very aware of the other’s SI problem.
Now two years have passed and I’d have to say both mine and K’s SI scars are from the other’s harse words. But K is my best friend and I am his. But also, K is trying to spend his life with the wrong girl. A girl who doesn’t even know that K is depressed.
There is nothing I can do about K though and I fight this huge battle everyday because my best friend wants to hurt himself. But I made him promise not SI and so I am not allowed to SI either and right now it is killing me. My best friend is slowly killing himself from a constant broken heart. But I’m keeping him from it