Just found out a month ago that my daughter began becoming involved with SI. We quickly got her into a therapist that she’s been seeing 1-2 times per week in the hopes that addressing her SI. We were hoping that quick intervention would lead her NOT to progress into other self destructive behaviors. We’re very concerned that she’s escalted her behavior to include SI, binge eating/purging and thoughts of dying. She’s believes in God, is very beautiful, well liked, and talented young lady (she’s been home-schooled for the past 3 years, is academically gifted, and a very talented gymnast). We’re very loving and involved parents (she’s our only child – adopted at birth with connections to her birth family), and are struggling to understand why she’s become involved with SI. We know of no issues of abuse, bullying, or other trauma that could have triggered this and our daughter refuses to talk with us or allow us in her therapy sessions. Any ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated !!!

God bless 🙂