I am 31 and have been SI sence I was 13 everyone that I have talked to in the med feild has told me that I would stop by age 30 but I have found that it’s just not happening for me I still do it and I feel worst about doing it now then ever be for my kids are old enough to ask questions and I try to be honest with them but they really dont understand and I leave thing out as to why because I dont want them to feel like it will help them or try it out to see I have tryed most of the tricks to avoid do it the music talking to people but none of it seems to work as far as talking to people none of them understand or even try to see where I’m comeing from so I walk away feeling like more of a freak or more of an outcast I have yet to figure out exsactly what triggers it for me cause it can be differant things but for the most part its wen I can’t deal with something it could be stress emo pain or frusteration but either way when it get to a piont that I cant take it any more I have to SI and then no matter what I feel better even if it is only for a while it gives me the relief I need to coap and pull myself back together I just learned that it is an addiction and needs to be treated as such but I dont know how to go about doing this …… like rite now I have a very strong urg to do sumthing but I’m typeing this insted I would just like some sort of help with this and or understanding from some one