My graduation is this week, for my masters degree.  Part of me is amazed that I completed it, that I didn’t fall apart. It took me seven years to complete by bachelors degree and in all those years, I only two years of two consecutive, full-time semesters…and those years weren’t consecutive. But the four consecutive, full-time semesters for my masters…I did it. And I’m still functioning! I haven’t crashed and gone to the hospital…like I have six times!

It’s still so weird to think that my classmates only know me this way…outgoing, functioning…granted I was more quiet this year, less cheerful, more visibly stressed-out (come to think of it, most of us were visibly stressed). As much as I know that this is the “real me”, it still sort of feels like, since there is this “blank slate”, that they don’t know the “real me”. I hope this ends soon, as I’d love to stop focusing on myself so much, lol 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if I would have the friends I do if I were the way I used to be? Probably not.